how to stop obsessing over weight and food? | General Surgeon

Dr. Mansab Ali General Surgeon Today our topic is obesity. When our weight increases from normal routine we count it from BMI. We take weight of patient, multiply it from his height and divide it…….. BMI Body Mass Index of normal patient is 28. It is acceptable till 28 but when it increases to 30, we say that he is becoming fat, obesity is starting. Obesity is disease, it is a syndrome, it is not normal. In past, fat person was considered as rich person, fatness was liked by people but now a days it is called disease. There are many side effects of fatness. Every part of body effects from fatness, arthritis, heat diseases, shortness of breath. Patient feels difficulty in sleeping at night due to hypertension. There is a big danger of sugar and finally patient effects with Miletus diabetes, clogged blood vessels. Mostly such kind of patient’s effect with cancer than other patients, like breast cancer and other type of cancers.

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