plastic surgeon

Dr. Abdul Waheed        Plastic Surgery

Full Name                           Dr. Abdul Waheed

Surgery Speciality                  Plastic Surgery

Medcail Specialist

Degrees Qualification            MBBS, MS (Plastic Surgery)

Designation                            Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Available Days                           Monday to Saturday

 Antiage                                      5 to 8 pm

 Farooq hospital DHA                8 to 9 pm

Consultation Fee Rs                  3000

 For Appointment Call on         0300-4738987

  Online Consultation                Yes

Dr. Waheed. As a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Abdul Waheed has revolutionized the field with his innovative techniques and personalized approach. Whether you’re interested in cosmetic or reconstructive procedures, Dr. Waheed’s passion for perfection and commitment to patient satisfaction are unmatched. In this captivating behind-the-scenes footage, you will discover the state-of-the-art facilities of Dr. Waheed’s clinic in Lahore, where he has been transforming lives through plastic surgery. Gain an exclusive sneak peek into the meticulous preparation that goes into each procedure, ensuring the highest level of safety and success for his patients. Dr. Abdul Waheed’s dedication to the art of plastic surgery extends beyond his technical skills. His empathy, warmth, and compassionate nature create a comforting environment where patients can openly discuss their concerns and expectations. Witness firsthand the strong doctor-patient bond as Dr. Waheed’s expertise helps individuals regain their confidence and transform their lives. By watching this video, you’ll not only gain valuable insights into the world of plastic surgery but also witness Dr. Abdul Waheed’s commitment to delivering exceptional results. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the world of plastic surgery with one of Lahore’s most reputed surgeons. For a reliable and trustworthy plastic surgeon in Lahore who prioritizes your well-being and desires, look no further than Dr. Abdul Waheed. Subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for more exclusive content featuring Dr. Waheed’s outstanding expertise and patient success stories.

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