Cochlear implant Deafness Treatment | Dr. Sarfraz Latif

This video is about cochlear implant deafness treatment | Dr. Sarfraz Latif What is Cochlear implant? Who are the best candidate for cochlear implant? How to get best results for cochlear implant? After having Cochlear implant patient will be able to listen but can not understand the language. Today talking about the cochlear implant, it is a sophisticated device. It is suitable for the patients who have completely deafness any types of deafness by birth or accidental. It is suitable for that. It is not suitable for the patients. Old age that have no serviceable hearing it is also beneficial for those patients. It is recommended for the all ages. As the growing child can be able to speak and listen to understand in the age of two to three years and try to make the words in the same way the best result for those children who are deaf by birth best age is 2 to 3 years and 99% results. The patient’s selection is very complicated. First of all patient can be assess neurological. And it is observed and medically checkup that patient is fit for the cochlear implant. After this process patient has to undergo the basic lab investigation that is CT scan and MRI all the workup is done on the basis of radiological point of view.

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